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Your guide to UN and UN documents and reports


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) was established in 1965 as an autonomous body within the UN system. UNITAR is based in Geneva.


The purpose of UNITAR is to provide high-priority training and research projects to enhance the UN goals. The main focus lies on

  • world peace and security
  • economic and social development.

For representatives from ministries, governments and non-governmental organizations, diplomats, staff from the academic and private sectors, as well as UN bodies and agencies, UNITAR organizes

  • tailor-made training programmes
  • regional refresher courses
  • workshops
  • conferences.

In cooperation with other intergovernmental organizations, faculties and academic institutions, UNITAR conducts research in the field of training and capacity building related to the functions and objectives of the United Nations.

More on UNITAR

  • The UNITAR website provides background information, news, full text reports and documentation, training material and publications.
  • The Executive Board of UNITAR submits a report to the General Assembly in the documentary series General Assembly Official Records, Supplement No 14. It provides a summary of UNITAR's programmes and activities with references to relevant documents and reports.

UN documents and publications in catalogues and databases

  • United Nations Digital Library. UN official documents and open access publications, UN maps, UN voting data and speeches.
  • UN iLibrary. UN publications online covering different topics.
  • ODS. UN documents published from 1993 onward and scanned documents published between 1946 and 1993 in the official languages of the UN.
  • Daily list of documents (ODS). Documents published for the day, with full text links, can be found in the United Nations full text database ODS.
  • UNBIS Thesaurus is a multilingual database of the controlled vocabulary used to describe UN documents.
  • Index to proceedings is an annual bibliographic guide to the proceedings and documentation of the major UN organs. The index includes:
    • a list of all documents
    • a comprehensive subject index
    • an index to speeches
    • a voting chart of resolutions


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