Session reports

ECOSOC holds short sessions, meetings and discussions throughout the year to prepare for its substantive session. The four-week substantive session is held each July in alternative years in New York and Geneva.

The annual substantive session includes a high-level segment attended by Ministers and other high officials to discuss major economic, social and humanitarian issues. ECOSOC adopts a declaration from this meeting with policy guidance and recommendations for action. ECOSOC also deals with issues such as

  • coordination between the UN bodies
  • UN development cooperation activities
  • other matters dealt with by its subsidiary bodies.

The year-around work of ECOSOC is carried out by its subsidiary organs - functional and regional commissions and standing committees and expert bodies. They meet regularly and report to the Council.

Find session reports

Sessional documents from ECOSOC carry the following symbols:

E/ Economic and Social Council


-/sequential number

Ex. E/2004/18 Economic and Social Council, 2004, document no 18

NB! ECOSOC documents do not include session numbers. For documents prior to 1978, the year was excluded.

Last modified: 2024-03-04